Campus Visit Divination Day with Larry and Raven

From Campus Visits to National Conferences: Journey So Far!

Hey everyone, buckle up because we’ve had an exhilarating few months filled with unforgettable events and incredible experiences! Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve been up to:

Return to Campus: February kicked off with a heartwarming return to Hollins University and Hofstra University. It was so great to be back on these campuses and see all the familiar faces!

APCA Nationals at Hershey, PA: We brought the charm to APCA Nationals, representing at the Houla Entertainment booth. Meeting new friends and showcasing our talents amidst the sweet atmosphere of Hershey was an absolute delight.

Well People Collaboration at The Ripped Bodice Brooklyn: Our collaboration with Well People at The Ripped Bodice Brooklyn was a match made in heaven. The cozy ambiance of this iconic bookshop perfectly complemented our Lip Print insights, creating an unforgettable experience for all.

Leap Day Extravaganza with Patina Rentals: What better way to celebrate the rare Leap Day than with Patina Rentals? Being part of such a grand event, surrounded by over 300 VIP Event professionals, was truly an honor.

Divination Day: On top of that, Eastern Connecticut State University invited us out for their divination day where students learned how to read tea leaves, make crystal necklaces, and even got personal tarot and palm readings from us.

Brown Sugar Ball: We also had the pleasure of performing our mix-and-mingle mentalism at a fundraiser for Jack & Jill of America – Queens Chapter. This organization is doing amazing work in the community and we were grateful to contribute in our own way.

Publicis Media’s Chic Affair: The cozy dark academia vibe of the Parlour Room in NYC provided the perfect backdrop for our entertainment offerings at Publicis Media’s event. Palm, Tarot, and chocolate readings added an extra layer of sophistication to an already stylish affair. Our third time collaborating with Publicis – So grateful they keep bringing us back!

Private Events Extravaganza: Of course, it wasn’t all serious business – we also had tons of fun entertaining guests at various private events. From milestone birthdays to elegant bridal showers and corporate soirées, we’ve had the pleasure of spreading joy and wonder at various private events. Each gathering was a unique celebration of life and love.

An upcoming evening of glamour and enchantment: Speaking of upcoming events, get excited because we have some amazing appearances lined up! One that has us particularly hyped is being the cocktail party entertainment for a celebrated artistic fashion designer flying all the way from Paris to NYC! Get ready for an evening of glamour and enchantment!

Stay tuned for more enchanting adventures and magical moments ahead!

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