B&H Bild Expo

Celebrating B&H’s 50th Anniversary with Mentalists Larry & Raven

We recently had the pleasure of working with one of America’s largest electronics dealer’s at the first B&H Bild expo. It was amazing that 27 years ago, during our college days, I stood in B&H’s flagship store buying Ilford photo paper and now, over 2 decades later, We were helping to celebrate their 50th anniversary. It was a great honor to be a part of this special event as the B&H VIP entertainment.
The event itself was truly memorable—not only due to its historical and celebratory nature, but also because of how well-run it was. From start to finish everything ran smoothly, with no hiccups or unexpected surprises along the way. The atmosphere at the Javits center was electric; every detail seemed perfectly placed for maximum effect and enjoyment. We were surrounded by people who genuinely wanted nothing more than to have a good time—and that is exactly what happened.
Overall, it was an amazing experience being able to connect with so many different people in attendance. We’re honored that B&H chose us as the mind reading entertainment for their celebration–it is something we will cherish forever.

We want thank B&H for inviting us into their fold and being such gracious hosts throughout our stay at the expo. It was such a pleasure to be there, helping them celebrate this huge milestone in their history. Cheers B&H on your first half-century!


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