Arkadium 10 Year Anniversary Corporate Event NYC

To celebrate their 10 year Anniversary, Arkadium wanted to add something different to kick off the night. Their staff consists of mostly creative types and while they originally looked to us for more traditional Palm and Tarot Card Readings; our Doodle-ology Readings, a modern twist on handwriting analysis, really got them excited. With the event being mostly cocktail style in a venue with very little formal seating and lots of guests, we worked closely with their event planner and decided to go with mingling group Doodle-ology Readings.

The Doodle-ology Readings were a hit. It was the perfect mix of giving the guests a fun way to creatively express themselves and receive a personalized reading. What an amazing night, we had groups guests all over the club creating their works of art and when the reading was over, they would show their artwork to their friends and co-workers and share their mini reading. They were so enthusiastic and excited about creating their doodles that we almost couldn’t get to them quick enough. What a fabulous night, I only wish that we were able to keep all their lovely doodles, but it’s more meaningful if they keep them to remember what wonderfully talented people they are!

Their event planner provided simple and positive feedback:

Everyone loved the readings!

And we loved doing them for the Arkadium staff and wish them another successful 10, 20, 30 years!


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