Graduates Up all Night

This past week we have been performing shows at 2am and 3 am. That’s Right! 3 AM. The performances were for New York and New Jersey graduating High school Seniors. All the seniors are in one building all night long and the school district has events all night for them.

We have a great time with all of the graduates and wish them good thoughts in everything they do.

How is that Possible?

Last night was a fun gig. It was for Williams Lea; a UK-based company that offers corporate information solutions to blue chip clients worldwide. The Glen Cove Mansion was the host and we had a great time with the group from Williams Lea. It was the final night of a four day conference and it was an intimate group of about 80 executives. For more than an hour after the show everyone was still at their table discussing “how is that possible”.

Unique Corporate Entertainment

We just returned from performing for the northeast division of a major insurance company – and boy did we have fun with the group from this company. It was a great event and we even stayed up till the wee hours of the evening chatting even though we had a 9AM flight to catch. Back for a day then we are off to Atlantic City to perform for The Sales Performance Group.

We wish everyone, good thoughts!

Holiday Functions

Corporate Mentalist

This has been a busy month for us. We have been traveling all over making appearance at function for Verint Systems, Nikon Inc., Clintrak, National Mechanical, SMSC, Washington Group and even US Army generals and staff from the famed West Point military academy.

We wish every one a happy holiday and know you will have a great new Year.

Transitions Optical Break Out

We have just returned from San Diego CA, where we were the guest entertainment for Transitions Optical’s 2006 Break Session. It was such a quick trip. We had a great time with everyone from Transitions Optical.

Psychic Entertainers Association


The international Psychic Entertainers Association held their “Annual Meeting of the Minds” convention. This year we were invited to perform for the convention. We truly honored to be able to perform for our peers.