Psychic Corporate Holiday Party for Aircastle Advisors

Larry and I had the pleasure of being invited back to perform for Aircastle Advisors’ 2010 Holiday Celebration. This year we gave them the full treatment, a full night of entertainment! We got their party started by performing strolling psychic entertainment for their cocktail hour. Thoughts were revealed, spoons were bent with the power of the mind and palms were read…lots and lots of palms were read. After they enjoyed a delicious dinner, the staff was treated to our incredible 45 minute ESP and Mentalism Show. They were such a fun group, so willing to participate! We look forward to seeing them again next year.

Handwriting Analysis and Doodle Readings a hit at News America Marketing

Raven Handwriting analysis and doodle reading

After a successful event in 2009, the event planners at News America Marketing invited me back for a second year. Since I performed my Palm Reading/Numerology Readings for them the first time, I decided to do something totally different for them this year: my new Doodle-ology Readings.  I set up a fun table with all my supplies: markers, crayons, pens, pencils, paper and candles. Staff members signed their name and drew me a doodle and from that information I was able to give them an amazing, multi-dimensional personality profile. Read the rest of this entry »

Palm Readings and Mentalism Show featured at Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Strolling Palm Readings for Bar Mitzvah guests

We had the pleasure of performing for Jonah Schacker’s Bar Mitzvah on December 4, 2010 in Long Island, NY. I kicked off the event with my Strolling Palm Readings which drew a constant crowd of interested guests. Word spread quickly that my readings were fun and amazing. I had the pleasure to read siblings together, couples, cousins and friends. Read the rest of this entry »

Mentalism Backstage: A Chorus Line on Tour

In addition to regular schedule private and corporate perfomances this month we had a fantastic time performing for the cast, producers and director of “A Chorus Line on Tour”at the cast party in New Haven, CT.

Rachel Schur watches as Larry twists a spoon using only the powers of his mind. Opening night party of 2010-2011 National Tour of “A Chorus Line” Read the rest of this entry »

Palm Readings at the Esquire + Tommy Hilfiger Fall Fashion Event

Wow, I can’t say enough about the positive experience that I had performing my Palm and Numerology Readings at the Esquire + Tommy Hilfiger Fall Fashion Event last night at the Tommy Hilfiger store on Fifth Avenue in NYC. Read the rest of this entry »

Palm Reading at Lord and Taylor Ultimate Face Lift Celebration

Last night I had the immense pleasure of performing my Palm Readings for the customers and guests to celebrate the renovation of Lord and Taylor’s 5th Avenue flagship store. The evening began with a star-studded Red Carpet out on 5th Avenue. Read the rest of this entry »