Client Conference Dinner Cruise out of Philadelphia

We really love performing at events like this and our show is perfect for it. The clients of RainMaker are spread out across the country and the event planner at RainMaker really wanted to bring something different to their client conference on a dinner cruise out of Philadelphia. She wanted something that would get their group involved with each other and would leave a great impression afterward. Even though they were having a DJ, she knew that not everyone would dance, so she leveraged our talents to add a unique angle to her event. We worked closely with the event planner to craft just the right experience for her group. Read the rest of this entry »

Vera Wang adds Raven’s Palm and Tarot Readings to Lovestruck Fragrance Launch Event

Raven and Vera Wang

I had the distinct pleasure to read Palms and Tarot Cards at Vera Wang’s Lovestruck Fragrance Launch Event at The James Hotel in New York. It was a beautiful night at the rooftop lounge, the media was all a buzz and I designed my readings to be in line with the theme of the fragrance: love and passion.

There were several highlights of the night for me.  The first was when Vera Wang came over and sat with me for a reading. She is a wonderfully sweet and charming person and I enjoyed my time with her. And the fact that she wanted me to perform my readings at a personal event for her that weekend, let me know that she enjoyed her time with me as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Corporate Event in Orlando Florida

We were sent some photos from a recent Corporate performance. One night was an after dinner presentation featuring our ESP show along with a very funny comedian Tom Cotter

Read the rest of this entry »

CCSU – A Night of Weird with Larry & Raven

Central Connecticut State University hosted a night of weird with a double bill. The show was us and  Stevie Starr, The Regurgitator. Here are couple still shots from from the night of weird at CCSU.

Larry & Raven Interactive College Entertainment

Raven is blindfolded and naming personal objects that the students have.

Sarah a CCSU student calls here boyfriend on her cell phone and uses subliminal persuasion on guided by us.

So many students were eager to participate in the show. Especially the group of students that tried to challenge Raven as a “Human Lie Detector”

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield adds Psychic Entertainment to their Holiday Party

Larry and I just had the pleasure of performing our Psychic Entertainment for the staff at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Holiday Party. Oh my goodness was this a large event, probably the largest we performed at this holiday season. Larry and I make a great team so we worked together to keep the 500+ staff members entertained. Read the rest of this entry »

Intimate Corporate Party Holiday Entertainment

This holiday season I had the pleasure of performing Palm, Tarot and Numerology Readings for the fine folks of Essex Manufacturing, Inc. There were about 20 staff members total at this event, which has been a change from the very large events that we’ve been entertaining at this holiday season. I had my own private area in the corner away from where the staff was eating and drinking. The dance floor was also on the other side of the room so staff members getting a Reading wouldn’t be disrupted by the other activities. Read the rest of this entry »