Husband and wife Mentalist Team Larry & RavenBackground

Larry & Raven began performing together over 17 years ago and since have entertained thousands at many of New York City's A-list private parties, international cruise ships, and at corporate entertainment events across the United States and abroad. A partial list of appearances.

The dynamic duo are based in the greater New York area, but have performed in over a dozen countries around the world. In 2000 they were flown to Osaka Japan to be featured in the longest running variety show in Japan. Today, there are only a few couples who have developed this rare ability. They are part of a lineage that spans more than 150 years. "We do not describe ourselves as "gifted" or "psychic". "We prefer to focus on the psychological. 80% percent of what we do on stage is real 20% is not. We want people to ask questions and expand their perceptions"

They freely admit that what they do is not supernatural. They use only their two minds to mystify and it is simply the result of years of study and communication of two people on a completely different level. They responsibly present what they do as entertainment. They even have a long standing offer to give a cash reward to charity to anyone that can prove they paid stooges or that they have planted electronic devices or hidden microphones to facilitate the thought reading.

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