Sweet 16 Party Ideas

A Unique Sweet 16 Party Idea that’s fun any time of year!

I just performed my group palm numerology psychic readings at another sweet 16 and thought I’d share their wonderful idea. This party was held the weekend after Halloween and everyone in this class had been to so many sweet 16 parties over the year that had lots of pretty pinks and purples and princess themes that this family wanted to do something different…And it sure was!

It was titled a Spooky Sweet 16 and everyone had to come in a costume. Sophisticated gothic decor using blacks and reds and old style candle operas with spider webbing around them were used to finish off the theme. Dark red roses were on the tables and around the room.

Don’t think Halloween, think sophisticated, gothic vampire theme. Pretty and elegant, but dark. Doing a search on Google Images for “gothic wedding” should bring up some very elegant ideas from dresses, to decor, to even a cake!

It was a well thought out, unique approach to a sweet 16 celebration, all finished off with me in my black gypsy dress performing my combination Palm/Numerology Readings.

Everything went so well, I received this comment from Victoria’s mother:

“It is not an overstatement to say that you were the hit of the party. On Sunday and Monday, all of Victoria’s friends were talking on facebook, at the lunch table and via text about how much fun having a reading was. No one else had had anything close to it at their parties, (we stopped counting at 14 Sweet Sixteen Parties).

I will certainly keep you in mind and recommend you for other events. Thanks again for making Victoria’s party so special and different.” – Maureen Genna

Everybody enjoys dressing up, so a Spooky Sweet 16 can be had at any time of year. A great idea to make your Sweet 16 party stand out!

Don’t hesitate to contact me about how I can help turn your Sweet 16 celebration into an event your guests will remember. Contact me by phone at (516) 690-MIND (516-690-6463) and of course I am always available anytime by email at raven (at) larryandraven.com.

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