Psychic Bridal Showers: Inspirational Entertainment at a Bridal Shower

I just finished a weekend of performing my Palm/Numerology readings at several bridal showers this weekend. On the way home from the last event, I couldn’t help but to think what a wonderful match these two things are. With the wedding just around the corner, the bride’s and even guest’s thoughts are centered on what the future holds.

I’ve  found that my combination of palm and numerology readings work very well at these events. My palm readings focus on guests natural strengths and talents, making each reading motivating, uplifting and entertaining and before their time ends with me, they each receive a customized numerology forecast to take home with them. This is something that I have found reminds guests of this special event long after it is over, and keeps that good will you just spent all that money creating.

My entertaining and unique psychic readings have been utilized successfully in a couple of different ways:

Strolling Psychic Entertainment

As a form of strolling/mingling entertainment, reading the palms of groups of guests at a time, making guests feel welcome and getting the party started while they are awaiting the bride’s arrival. Many times the guest list contains many people that don’t know each other very well. This kind ofmingling, ice-breaking entertainment brings guests together through a common experience.

Intimate Psychic Readings

As an intimate seated event in which guests visit me in pairs, in small groups or for a one-on-one reading. This works very well because it’s entertainment that’s available for all guests to experience at their leisure while at the same time, not interfering or taking away from the attention of the bride. It’s a pampering experience that makes each guest feel special.

Don’t hesitate to contact me about which entertainment option would work best for your event. Contact me by phone at (516) 690-MIND (6463) and of course I am always available anytime by email at raven (at)

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