Palm Reading at Lord and Taylor Ultimate Face Lift Celebration

Last night I had the immense pleasure of performing my Palm Readings for the customers and guests to celebrate the renovation of Lord and Taylor’s 5th Avenue flagship store. The evening began with a star-studded Red Carpet out on 5th Avenue.

There were so many activities for guests and customers to partake and who was extremely busy on the 3rd floor…ME! As I was led by the organizers to my beautifully decorated psychic corner, people were already in line excitedly anticipating their time with me.

What a wonderful event, so exciting. From the moment I sat down, until the store closed, I gave Palm Reading after Palm Reading. I even managed to hang around a few minutes longer to get some last minutes customers so they wouldn’t get turned away. That’s what it’s all about, creating a wonderful entertainment experience for the customers. And if that isn’t enough, this exciting evening was also held to support VH1 Save the Music.

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