Handwriting Analysis and Doodle Readings a hit at News America Marketing

Raven Handwriting analysis and doodle reading

After a successful event in 2009, the event planners at News America Marketing invited me back for a second year. Since I performed my Palm Reading/Numerology Readings for them the first time, I decided to do something totally different for them this year: my new Doodle-ology Readings.  I set up a fun table with all my supplies: markers, crayons, pens, pencils, paper and candles. Staff members signed their name and drew me a doodle and from that information I was able to give them an amazing, multi-dimensional personality profile.

I gave Doodle-ology Readings to individual staff members, while inviting small groups of staff members to come in together. Those that work closely with one another really enjoyed the group reading experience because the similarities and differences in their personalities came to life on the page. It was the kind of thing where they both look at each other and go, “Oh my, you are that way, you so do that. That is so funny!”

What I love about the Doodleology Readings is you don’t have to be an artist to have a great, amazing, insightful and enjoyable reading. By the time I was finished with each staff member’s Reading, they loved their drawing and said they would keep it at their desk to remember me by. Many even said they can’t wait to see what I bring for them to do next year!

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