An Intimate Show at the College of New Jersey

We had a great time performing for the students at the College of New Jersey last night. It was our first time there and while they had set the student center set with a big stage for a large audience, a small crowd had formed just before showtime. Being Halloween weekend, there were lots of things going on. The great thing about our show is that it really doesn’t matter whether we have 5 people or 500 people in the audience, the show will always go on. Smaller, more intimate shows are a lot of fun due to them being less formal. Plus, we get to know our audience, or our tribe as we called them last night, much better. However, that small crowd grew as our show went on and by the time we got to our blindfold act, we had quadrupled the size of our audience.


The fun didn’t stop after the show though; Raven gathered a group of students for a group palm reading session. Even though they were a smaller group, they were mighty and we had a blast with them! We’re looking forward to seeing the students at the College of New Jersey again real soon.


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