Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield adds Psychic Entertainment to their Holiday Party

Larry and I just had the pleasure of performing our Psychic Entertainment for the staff at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Holiday Party. Oh my goodness was this a large event, probably the largest we performed at this holiday season. Larry and I make a great team so we worked together to keep the 500+ staff members entertained.

I was set up at a table with all my psychic trinkets giving Palm and Numerology Readings while Larry mingled with staff members performing incredible feats of Mind Reading, Mentalism and Psychokinesis.

Once word spread about our entertainment, our part of the event got very crowded. My line wouldn’t quit, people were grabbing food and drinks and getting in line to see Larry and I. Larry kept the festivities happening for the staff members that were standing in line waiting to get a reading.

Staff would sit in front of me and tell me how amazing Larry was and then their next question would be, “How do the two of you live together? There are no secrets in your relationship!”

The two of us peformed non-stop for 4 hours straight, just to make sure a large amount of the staff  were entertained. Boy were we whipped, but there was no time for rest. Horizon’s event started at 10:30am, then it was off to Aircastle Advisor’s Holiday Party in Connecticut that same evening.

We really enjoyed our time with the staff from Blue Cross Blue Shield, we look forward to seeing them again next year!

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