Palm Readings and Mentalism Show featured at Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Strolling Palm Readings for Bar Mitzvah guests

We had the pleasure of performing for Jonah Schacker’s Bar Mitzvah on December 4, 2010 in Long Island, NY. I kicked off the event with my Strolling Palm Readings which drew a constant crowd of interested guests. Word spread quickly that my readings were fun and amazing. I had the pleasure to read siblings together, couples, cousins and friends. Read the rest of this entry »

Sweet 16 Party Ideas

A Unique Sweet 16 Party Idea that’s fun any time of year!

I just performed my group palm numerology psychic readings at another sweet 16 and thought I’d share their wonderful idea. This party was held the weekend after Halloween and everyone in this class had been to so many sweet 16 parties over the year that had lots of pretty pinks and purples and princess themes that this family wanted to do something different…And it sure was! Read the rest of this entry »

Psychic Bridal Showers: Inspirational Entertainment at a Bridal Shower

I just finished a weekend of performing my Palm/Numerology readings at several bridal showers this weekend. On the way home from the last event, I couldn’t help but to think what a wonderful match these two things are. With the wedding just around the corner, the bride’s and even guest’s thoughts are centered on what the future holds.

I’ve  found that my combination of palm and numerology readings work very well at these events. My palm readings focus on guests natural strengths and talents, making each reading motivating, uplifting and entertaining and before their time ends with me, they each receive a customized numerology forecast to take home with them. This is something that I have found reminds guests of this special event long after it is over, and keeps that good will you just spent all that money creating. Read the rest of this entry »

Graduates Up all Night

This past week we have been performing shows at 2am and 3 am. That’s Right! 3 AM. The performances were for New York and New Jersey graduating High school Seniors. All the seniors are in one building all night long and the school district has events all night for them.

We have a great time with all of the graduates and wish them good thoughts in everything they do.