An Intimate Show at the College of New Jersey

We had a great time performing for the students at the College of New Jersey last night. It was our first time there and while they had set the student center set with a big stage for a large audience, a small crowd had formed just before showtime. Being Halloween weekend, there were lots of things going on. The great thing about our show is that it really doesn’t matter whether we have 5 people or 500 people in the audience, the show will always go on. Smaller, more intimate shows are a lot of fun due to them being less formal. Plus, we get to know our audience, or our tribe as we called them last night, much better. However, that small crowd grew as our show went on and by the time we got to our blindfold act, we had quadrupled the size of our audience.

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Students Welcomed and Amazed at Clark University

The above note left says: I was Skeptical, but you just might have made me believe… Great Job signed David

This weekend we had the pleasure of performing our show as part of the Family Weekend at Clark University in Worcester, MA. It was a big crowd full of excited students and their families. They were a fun and enthusiastic group. We stayed to chat with some of them after the show and one student left a very special message for us on the stage before he left. His thoughts sum up the experience of the group. David we believe in you too!

We look forward to seeing them again.

Client Conference Dinner Cruise out of Philadelphia

We really love performing at events like this and our show is perfect for it. The clients of RainMaker are spread out across the country and the event planner at RainMaker really wanted to bring something different to their client conference on a dinner cruise out of Philadelphia. She wanted something that would get their group involved with each other and would leave a great impression afterward. Even though they were having a DJ, she knew that not everyone would dance, so she leveraged our talents to add a unique angle to her event. We worked closely with the event planner to craft just the right experience for her group. Read the rest of this entry »

CCSU – A Night of Weird with Larry & Raven

Central Connecticut State University hosted a night of weird with a double bill. The show was us and  Stevie Starr, The Regurgitator. Here are couple still shots from from the night of weird at CCSU.

Larry & Raven Interactive College Entertainment

Raven is blindfolded and naming personal objects that the students have.

Sarah a CCSU student calls here boyfriend on her cell phone and uses subliminal persuasion on guided by us.

So many students were eager to participate in the show. Especially the group of students that tried to challenge Raven as a “Human Lie Detector”