Comedy Mystery Society

On July 18 we had the pleasure of performing the comedy mystery society in Gaithersburg Maryland. The sold out show featured five amazing performers from magic, mentalism, comedy and mystery. If your in the Gaithersburg area check out the show schedule at Comedy Mystery Society

Graduates Up all Night

This past week we have been performing shows at 2am and 3 am. That’s Right! 3 AM. The performances were for New York and New Jersey graduating High school Seniors. All the seniors are in one building all night long and the school district has events all night for them.

We have a great time with all of the graduates and wish them good thoughts in everything they do.

Psychic Entertainers Association


The international Psychic Entertainers Association held their “Annual Meeting of the Minds” convention. This year we were invited to perform for the convention. We truly honored to be able to perform for our peers.

Monday Night Magic

It’s fun to come home. We will be appearing in NYC at the famed Monday Night Magic on May 29, 2006. It been years since our schedules could match up and allow us to appear at this NY. We walways have a great time at this New York landmark. For more information visit Monday Night Magic

The Mystery Lounge

Mystery Lounge

This week will be appearing at Harvard Square at the Mystery Lounge in Cambridge Mass. We will see your there.