Corporate Holiday Event Season Begins

Corporate Tarot Entertainment

Last night we started off our corporate holiday season of events with Coventry Workers’ Comp Services Client Appreciation Holiday Party. They wanted to add something unique to their event this year instead of just a raffle and some giveaways. We jumped into action and brought them a variety of psychic entertainment.Larry performed seated Tarot Card Readings, while I (Raven) performed Strolling/Mingling Palm Readings for the guests. It turned out to be the perfect balance of psychic entertainment, something more private and intimate in the corner of the room for a one on one attraction while groups of guests were entertained in other areas of the room. And we received lovely feedback from our client the very next morning.

Last minute change in amount of guests almost doubled our crowd. With one call we booked Larry and Raven. Huge success! Larry read cards and told fortunes while Raven walked the crowd doing palm readings. I appreciate the great job they did.
Chrysten Shea

We’re looking forward to a great season!


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