Mentalist Couple Larry & Raven Husband and Wife Mind Reading Team

ESP, telepathy, mind reading: If there is such a thing, wouldn't you want to see for yourself?

Larry and Raven are “genuine” mentalist couple; simply stated they are mind readers. ¬†Today, only a few contemporary couples have developed these skills to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities. They are part of a mentalist lineage that spans more than 150 years.

 For the last 20+ years, they have been melting the hearts and tickling the minds of savvy audiences with a topic that is universally appealing, the amazing and inexplicable mind inside all of us. Their diverse performing experiences range from luxury cruise ships, top colleges and major corporations to international variety shows along with regular appearances at A-list private parties for the movers and shakers of New York City .

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Mystifying, highly entertaining, and outstanding in their field, they have a powerful impact on sophisticated audiences everywhere - A-list private parties, on cruise ships, hotels, and at corporate entertainment events across the United States. As Carolyn Baragona , of "Event Solutions" magazine, pointed out "Larry and Raven will give an audience something it has never seen before... Guaranteed." They never fail to bring the house down with each show. See what their event planning clients Say.

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